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Are you ready to play KESHER? Kesher is one of the educational activities in Lesson 1 – Jewish Continuity in the Land of Israel - of the LINK middle school curriculum. LINK is an experiential, digitally interactive, project based curriculum designed to connect today’s youth to Israel.

We hope you will enjoy playing this game with your family as you explore 25 evidenced and documented historical benchmarks beginning with King David’s establishment of Jerusalem as the capital and leading up to today. The purpose of this activity is to reinforce 2000 years of events viewed through the lens of continuous Jewish presence on the Land of Israel

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After playing Kesher, we hope you will consider the several ways you can help the next generation stand with Israel.

LINK is on the absolute cutting edge of sophisticated technology and educational best practices. The cost to implement this program is beyond the budget of most schools. Your support can make LINK accessible to all schools who want to connect their students to Israel.

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